Downtown Plan

About Us

The Rochelle Group™ was formed  in 2016 to help in the development of projects within the city of Rochelle, IL. Many projects without the help of outside investors may never become a reality without this group effort. Our goal is to allow small investors, local investors, or institutional investors to invest in a project that will impact the city and its residents. We are a private company and we work to manage the projects and investments within those projects.

Investing in your own community ,as many people did years ago,will help the community thrive. We understand that the tax payers just cannot finance every project that comes along. We look at individual projects to determine if they bring value to the community.

So what brings value? New businesses, repurposed buildings, tech incubators, and funding of revenue generating technology.

In this day when savings accounts pay almost no interest and the banks are not lending to small business there is no better way to earn a return on your money and invest in the community  you live, in projects you believe in.

Investing in a new business brings new jobs to that business and to the community. Invest in a project that you walk by every day and watch your investment help grow that business.



Rochelle, IL is the home of several manufacturing companies. Cain Millwork Mighty Vine Bright Nippon Sharyo AG Manufacturing Coated Sands Solutions Del Monte Silgan